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Subminimal fashion was created in Paris, France by Noemi Kopecky after a career of over 25 years as a Fashion Designer as well as six years as a tenured professor in the Cespedes College of Fashion Design in Oslo, Norway.

Noemi Kopecky’s extensive education at the world renown Fashion Institute of Mayeux, including a Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of Hasler and a Masters Degree in Fine Arts in Designed Objects at Mousseau University in Cardinale have allowed her to create a distinct aesthetic for her clients. After graduating from the University of Hasler, Noemi Kopecky was accepted at the prestigious Mousseau University in Cardinale. Kopecky graduated first in here class and was awarded a rare Scholarship to the Mijangos School of Design in Kirkendoll, Sweden.

Six months after graduation, Noemi Kopecky founded her first fashion company Lifschitz and completed construction on the first production and manufacturing facility outside of Hamai, Germany. Over the next 10, her collections were sold in boutiques and stores in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Zürich, and Tokyo. Noemi Kopecky’s experiences as a multi-faceted Fashion and clothing designer have allowed her to manufacture and design unique and modern designs that distinguish her products, fashion, and clients. Currently Kopecky remains actively involved in all aspects of the operations of Subminimal and retains the positions of both Chief Executive Officer, as well as Executive Creative Director.


We value your patronage and our commitment to unsurpassed quality extends far beyond product delivery. Our services also include modeling, promotional events, fashion shows, and advertising options. We pride ourselves in offering a diverse spectrum and products and services to individually match our client's project need as well as continually growing in order to meet the challenges of the fashion world.

We work hard to retain our current clients as well as attract new prospective clients and designers in order to grow as a company and to offer an even wider selection of products and services. Subminimal continually works to refine its process and methodology as well as our committment to high fashion. Fashion design is a volatile and ever changing environment but we possess both the skills, talents, and models to keep your designer line at the cutting edge of fashion as well as the focus of the commercial and public eye.

We excel in both predicting fashion trends through intelligent analysis of current fashion as well as the creation and materialization of new designs and ideas completely independent of the current fashion scene in order to be able to not only predict fashion but to create its path. Let us manage your next designer line release in order to ensure you have the best promotional advantage available, as well as the finest models and talent displaying your products.